A Little History.

In November of 2006, Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan came up with a simple way to raise money efficiently and quickly for local charities - and so the 100 Who Care Alliance started.  At their first one-hour meeting, a group of over 100 women each wrote a cheque for $100 directly to The Center for Family Health, their chosen local charity, raising $12,800 to buy 300 new baby cribs.  Since then, chapters have formed all over the world. 100 Women, 100 Men, 100 Guys, 100 Kids, 100 Girls - whatever the chosen moniker, whatever the city, the idea of positively impacting local charities remains - it's all about making a difference for our neighbours, right here, right now.

In Victoria, the 100 Women Who Care group held their first event in September 2014, attracting 140 women and raising $14,000 for the winning charity - a sum they regularly beat!  So we thought it was about time we men stood up!

Who We Are.

Our local Victoria men's group was founded in August 2018 when Ken Marchtaler raised the idea at a monthly networking lunch at the Union Club. A bunch of guys raised their hands and agreed to help - and so 100+Men Who Care Victoria was off the ground.

Incorporated under the BC Societies Act in August 2018 as the 100 Men Who Care Foundation, the following gents signed on as directors: Scott Borland; Norm de Wit; Mathieu Powell; Michael Reilly; Doug Robb; Marshall Travis; Darren Warner; and Ken Marchtaler as President.

​Our first event was held Feb 20, 2019 at Vancouver Island Brewery, where we raised $5,400 for the Extreme Outreach Society.

Our current board of fine gentlemen can be found here.

​Next steps? Spread the word, and get as many men as we can to commit to being members.