The Current Board

The following members have been voted in for the 100 Men Who Care Foundation (Victoria) Board of Directors.

DOUG ROBB (President)   -    LinkedIn
Doug is the owner of the BarterPay Victoria trade exchange and a principal in MicroCap Media, focussed on retail investor lead generation. 

An entrepreneur since childhood in Winnipeg, Doug and Janice moved to Vancouver Island 30 years ago and could not imagine a better place to live and raise a family.  Now that the kids are essentially grown and on their own, they believes it is time to give more back to the community that so generously invited them in. Family, Hockey, Mountain Biking, and foraging in the coastal rain forest keep Doug happiest in his time off.

Doug was a founding board member

MATT COWLRICK (Vice President)     -    LinkedIn
Matt Cowlrick moved to Victoria, BC in 2011 and has been a passionate member of the community ever since. His volunteer/community work includes but is not limited to:
  • Participant in community theatre and local cultural events, both stage acting and music performance
  • Involved in fundraiser for local improv theatre company
  • Participant in multiple years of Ride for Refuge and MS Bike
  • Metchosin Days and Victoria Ironman volunteer
  • Co-organized fundraising for a medical clinic in Kpalime, Togo
  • Mentorship of new voice talent
Today, Matt's solo voice over career spans over 20 countries, utilizing multiple accents and a variety of voice types and age ranges. Some of the clients he has worked with are some of the world's top brands and multinational companies. In addition to his thriving career, he is co-founder and one of the organizers for a 250+ member voiceover group in Victoria and Westshore, which gives aspiring and working voiceover talent resources and a network to grow. 

FRASER RAMSAY (Treasurer)                         -                        LinkedIn
Fraser Ramsay is a former major shareholder and Vice President of the Ramsay Group of Companies.  During his 35-year tenure with Ramsay Group, Fraser saw the company reach annual sales of over $20 Million with a workforce of over 100 at its peak.  Fraser played a major role in the negotiation of contracts with prominent organizations that include BC Ferries, BP Refineries and both the provincial and federal governments.  On the volunteer side he has served on the Town of Sidney Community Planning Committee and is a volunteer supporter of both Our Place Society and The Mustard Seed.
Fraser feels very fortunate in his own life and is wanting to give back to his community. He became a member of 100 Men Who Care Foundation in 2019 and would like the opportunity to contribute more as a 100 Men Victoria board member.

MATHIEU POWELL (Secretary)                                                                                                                                                                               

MIKE REILLY (Past President)                                                                                                                                                                                                


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