Nominating a charity.

Members nominate, members pitch!

It's all about making a local impact.  Doing good right here in the Greater Victoria and surrounding area, where we all live, work, and enjoy.  Before nominating a charity you'd like to pitch at our next event, please review the eligibility guidelines outlined below:

Charity eligibility.

1.  Local
  • ​​​Must serve and impact our local community, where we live & do business (Victoria and surrounding area).
  • A charity may be part of a national or international organization as long as they have a chapter here, and our donations are being used in and for the benefit of our community. 

 2. Registered 
  • Must be a registered charity and be able to provide charitable donation tax receipts to each individual member. 
3.  Member Nominated & Vetted  
  • A charity must be nominated for consideration by a 100+ member in good standing.
  • The charitable organization must be established for at least 2 years and be able to show the impact they are making, or striving for, in our community.
4.  Specific and Outcome-Based  
  • Our “gift” can be used for a specific, stated purpose with local impact, or used for day-to-day operations of smaller charities to keep the doors open, to allow for expanded services, etc.
  • We do not wish our donations to go into the general coffers of a national or international organization.
  •  We will require any charity to report back on how our donations have been spent locally - and the resulting, positive outcome(s).  

5. Non-Political
  • Eligible charities must be non-political in nature, non-religious/exclusive in service(s) offered.

6. Re-Nomination
  • A charity may not be nominated for 3 years, from date of selection, if they are the successful recipients of our “gift". 
  • A charity drawn at an event but not selected as the recipient may be nominated at a subsequent event.
7.  Privacy 
  • A recipient charity must agree not to give out member information to any third parties, except for Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) tax purposes.
  • Member information is to be ONLY used for issuing Charitable Tax Receipts. Supplied member information is NOT TO BE USED for email newsletters, canvassing or any other correspondence.